Paving service in Montreal

Parking lots
Giuseppe Dimaria & Fils is your asphalt specialist, offering a full range of paving services. We lay asphalt for industrial, commercial and residential parking lots, using the following methods:

  • Resurfacing existing asphalt
  • Cutting and removing existing sections in order to lay new asphalt
  • Excavating, laying a new foundation and new asphalt
  • We also have considerable expertise in paving interior parking facilities

When conditions allow, we pulverize the existing asphalt on site and use it as a grading material when laying the new asphalt.

Storm drains, sidewalks and curbs
Count on us for storm drain repairs in your industrial, commercial of residential parking lot. We also lay cement for sidewalks and curbs.

Our approach
Giuseppe Dimaria & Fils is proud to provide with you customized quality service. As paving experts, we believe that it is important to inform our clients about the various stages of our process. Here is our approach:

First Contact
During the first phone call, we determine whether the type of work that you require is something that we can do. If it is, we will make an appointment to meet you on the site.

Understanding your needs
Once on site, we take the time to understand your needs and determine the work to be done.


Finally, we prepare a clear and accurate written estimate, which may include a sketch with dimensions and measurements.

Is your parking lot in need of repair?

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